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How To Get 10K Views On Your Facebook Posts And Increase Your FanPage Likes By 50+ In 24 Hours


Recently I have been asked ‘How do you get the amount of engagement that you do on your Facebook posts?’


Over the past year and a bit I have been involved in quite a few private mentoring groups and I have learnt many things that I have been able to implement into my online business.


Engagement on Facebook is one of them and below is just one of the strategies I use to get more engagement on my posts.


As well as helping struggling entrepreneurs with their branding and messaging I have a thriving fitness community who I help with everyday struggles of fitness and nutrition.


I am often found in my home gym creating workouts for the ladies in my community and they love to follow the workouts I provide.


This is made easier with an App called ‘PicPlayPost’.


Below I explain how I put a post together and what you are able to do with this amazing little App.



How To Get 10K Views On Your Facebook Posts And Increase Your FanPage Likes By 50+ In 24 Hours


Step 1.

Download PicPlayPost from the App Store (or equivalent) and open the App.


How to get 10k views on your Facebook posts and increase your fan page likes by 50+ in 24 hours



Step 2.

Choose the frame you want, there are lots to choose from with the free version of this App.


angie hakner



Step 3.

To choose your first image or video click on the plus sign.


angie hakner coaching



Step 4.

Depending on what you want to share click one of the following, for the purposes of this post we are clicking on video. You may want to share a photo.


angie hakner coaching


Step 5.

When you click the media you want you will be taken to this screen. You have the opportunity to go back and choose a different video or photo, however if you are happy with your choice click on ‘USE’.


angie hakner coaching


Step 6.

You can repeat this process until all the windows have something in them whether its a photo or a video. When you are happy with how it looks you can choose to change the border colour. Click on ‘STYLE’.


angie hakner coaching


Step 7.

Here in ‘Style Border” you can choose the colour of your border, the thickness and the roundness of the corners.


angie hakner coaching


Step 8.

If you are using video you will want to add music, or if you want to keep your own videos audio you have that choice too. Click ‘Music’.


angie hakner coaching



Step 9.

Your choice here under Video Audio is that you can have your own videos audio play or you can turn it off completely (this is what I choose to do on my fitness videos because I put workout music on there for motivational purposes).

You can also choose to Fade the Audio out or not.


angie hakner coaching


Step 10.

Under ‘Add Music’, if you are adding a music track, you have the choice of finding music (always use music you are allowed to share because Facebook may not allow your video otherwise).

You can also use music from your phone. I find free music on You Tube and download it into iTunes and put it on a playlist which I can easily find then all I have to do is pick which track I want. Its super easy.

You also have the choice to lower or raise the volume. There is a ‘Loop the Entire Video’ option however this doesn’t seem to change much when I’ve tried it so don’t worry about that.


angie hakner coaching


Step 11.

The next step is to click on Edit.

angie hakner coaching


Step 12.

This is where you can choose the timing and sequence of your videos. I don’t generally choose the timing as I like to play my videos at the same time. However you can choose the sequence they are played if you use this method. Click on ‘Edit’ and hold you finger down over the video and you are able to pick and choose which video plays in which sequence.

angie hakner coaching

Step 13.

Next click on ‘Watermark’, this is where you can choose a title for your photos or videos. I generally use my website Phenomenally F3, however you can choose whatever you want to.

angie hakner coaching


Step 14.

This step shows you can choose a name/title, you can choose the font and the size of the font too.


angie hakner coaching



Step 15.

And here you can choose the colour of the words, the outline if you want one, the opacity of the words and whether or not you want a shadow. You can play about with this to find the best one for you.


angie hakner coaching


Step 16.

Now you can ‘Preview’ your work. You can always go back and redo anything you don’t like and at anytime you can preview your post to see how it looks.

You can now click the ‘Share’ button.

angie hakner coaching



Step 17.

You can choose from quite a few media options to share your new post. What I like to do is to download it to my phone because I like to think about how I want to share it. You can choose whichever option appeals to you.

angie hakner coaching


Step 18.

It will now ask you how you want to save it, I always choose Optimize Quality.


angie hakner coaching


Step 19.

Click ‘Done’ and you are finished.


angie hakner coaching


Step 20.

You are now free to share this on your Facebook Fanpage and drive traffic towards it.


If you enjoyed this post How To Get 10k Views On Your Facebook Posts and Increase Your Fanpage Likes By 50+ In 24 Hours’

leave your comments below and share it with your followers, friends and family and lets all raise our post engagement.

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